I thoroughly enjoyed the Noble Manhattan NLP course I learned many new coaching techniques, some of which I have already had the opportunity to put into practice. Aina is an inspirational trainer. She makes the training great fun! She supported us through the learning process, keeping in mind our individual needs to ensure that everyone, no matter what experience they had when they started, had reached a competent standard by the end of the course.
Caroline Dillion
The course overall was an extreme success for me on a personal level. This type of course depends heavily on the person giving the course and in Aina Egeberg you have the perfect trainer. She is extremely empathetic and open to all the needs the students may have. She made the students feel at ease in the knowledge that Aina had a very good grasp on her subject. The NLP was great and as I stated previously I learnt on a personal level and a professional level. Overall a success.
Christopher Metcalfe
I thoroughly enjoyed the Noble Manhattan NLP practitioner course which helped me to increased my self-awareness as I was able to experience all the techniques on myself as well as working with others on them. I particularly liked the very practical and application based nature of this course, as well as the small group of 10 participants which meant I got lots of practise of how to use the tools and techniques. Aina Egeberg is a fantastic NLP trainer and coach who made the 7 days highly interactive and interesting throughout. Splitting the course to run over 2 week-ends was brilliant as it enabled me to let things sink in during the 2 week break. Following the course I already managed to successfully apply the NLP techniques I learnt with my coaching clients and with my consulting clients. All in all a great course, that I cannot recommend enough!
Bettina Pickering
I found the NLP training interesting, fun and powerful. Many people attend training with an idea in the back of their minds that they can uncover some answers for their own questions. This turned out to be true for myself. However the real pay off was how these tools will benefit my clients. My main worry would have been leaving without seeing how these tools can be used ethically and effectively in a wide range of situations.

Unlike other training in NLP this was presented in such a way that all attendees received all the attention, support information they needed. I really relaxed into the work which was delivered with elegance and precision.

Paul Serry